The Descendants of the Sun ep 15 Recap

SJ was ready to discharge from the hospital and MY acting as a good girlfriend offered her help. She was taking him out of the hospital commenting about the weather and comparing it with the weather in URK, SJ offered her to go back there just two of them. She asked him what he was listening and he had offered her headphones and pushed play and MY heard her own recording the one she was so ashamed off. She released SJ weal chair and let him go free :). SJ fell off the chair but all MY was worried about is a weal chair because it was expansive.

DY and MJ were at the restaurant and DY was watching MJ eat. MJ told him to speak up because she will leave as soon as she will finish eating. DY said that he has nothing to say and that he asked her out for a meal because she had lost weight. MJ then asked him what they are and where they are, if they have broken up or just having fight. DY said that he is on the way to her and asked her to let him remove the uniform. MJ instead told him that she will leave her father and will never see him and she can live like this. DY said that he can not accept daughter like this.

MY received a message from SJ asking her what she was doing, she said that she was about to take shower, SJ called at once saying that he wanted to see her with no cloths on. SJ had come to her house and brought some bear, he told her to take shower , when she was out of the bathroom she was surprised by candle arrangements. MY then asked her how he had guess the candles she likes, and Sj said that he had memorized it when he was at her place before. MY then asked him why the arabic heli came to rescuer them when she was with Argus. No matter how SJ was trying to skip the answer, MY asked him to be honest with her and she will nt be angry at him as long as he is going to tell her that he did not used the card.

Alpha team were sending GB to the army and later they all got the calls except for DY, who had already submitted his resignation.

DY had been asked by MJ dad’s if he wants to go and then decided about the leaving, DY said that he wants to go, father told him to go and once he is back he asked him to come and see him with MJ together and torn the resignation of DY.

Sj came to see MY before leaving to the mall, he had told her that this time it is going to be long trip and it will take about three month. He had promised her that will come back and that he will never get heard and that he will stay safe. He as well asked her not to drink with other man and that he is going to miss her a lot. She said that she will miss him a lot.

MY received a messaged from SJ that he had reached the place safely, MY then was sending him messages about the weather about her whereabout. The time has passed and both MJ and MY were drinking, My said that when SJ will come back she will beat him up, MJ told that she is going to go away for a vacation with DY. the rain had come and MY said that it would be nice if their men would come too.

The bodies and Sj and Dy were not founded and they have been announced dead, first to received the message was SJ’s father, then MJ who was informed by her spy. MY had been informed by Alpha team soldier and he had handed over her a letter. In the letter SJ wore to her that they usually write the letters before going to the operations, he had hoped that she will never get the letter, but since she is reading it now means he could not kept his promise and did not come back, means he did not kept his promise and did not stayed safe and he is sorry about it. He is sorry that he had meat her, loved her and sorry for leaving her like this. MY did not finished the letter and drove to see MJ.

MJ came to see her father, she asked her father to tell her that it is not true. father handed over her a letter, but MJ refused to take the letter and to read it, because if she will read it means that he is really died. She than blamed her father for all the time they have lost because of him and that they could have been happy.

MY found MJ crying at the stairs, she asked MJ is it was true and if MJ crying like this what she has to do. she shook MJ and noticed the letter from DY, realizing that it was true. MY then asked MJ that it means that SJ is not coming back and it means that she will never see him again.

Sj as well wrote in his letter that he wished that she would not cry for a long time and quickly forget about him.

A higher commander came to visit MY and told her that tomorrow they will announce that DY and SJ both died in the car accident and that she has to sign the paper to keep a secret. MY sign the paper saying that this is all she can do right now for SJ.

The time has passed and MY got back to work, she was practical living in the hospital and inside the surgery rooms. While drinking with her friend, MY was asked to go home and rest and stop spending the time in the surgery rooms, MY said that she looks sexy inside the surgery room, her eyes got teary and she said that she is remembering things, like wine, xray, hair band. She said that she was thinking that she was getting better but instead she is going crazy. Her friend offered her a hug but MY had chosen more wine.

MJ had received a transfer to URK and was biding her farewell to her father, father asked her to stay safe and not to get sick again, he told her that thought she was thinking about DY, father is always thinking about his daughter. and he asked her to forgive him.

before leaving MJ met MY at the same restaurant, where their men pulled three days drinking spree. MJ asked her to come with her to URK, MY said that she must think about it. MJ handed over the farewell gift to MY the toys which were once SJ and DY girlfriends. MY said that she started to remember good things again, and MJ said that she started to think about bad things. MY asked MJ how Sj and DY met, that she was always wanted to ask but could not use a chance and not can not do it. MJ said that she knows and it was because of the woman.

DY met SJ when he was saying to SJ that he is dating MJ and they have been dating for a year but met only week ago :). Sj asked Dy if he know how many stars her father has, Dy said that people allows to have mistakes. Sj said that he wish that they would date and DY said that she will definitely date her, Sj said that he would love to date some one for a year after meeting in a week time.

MY recall the day when they were in the cafe, and how they have say I love you for the first time to each other. Sj said it first and MY said that she loves him too.

MY later in a dark room spoke to the toy, she asked him if she is pretty in a candle light. Sj’s vision replied to her that she is pretty each moment. She told him that she misses him and he said too. She asked him then why he did not come back, he said because he was protecting the country. She asked him about the promise he had made to her to come back, he said that he had tried his best to keep it. she said but did not come back.

MJ return to URK, and she did not read DY’s last letter, she said that she will never open it till the she dies.

MY is on the way to Albania to do the volunteering job and she had met DS at the airport who had arrived to Korea to do some protesting and they are not letting him to cross the border and let him to make a camp. MY told him that she is going to Albania and that tomorrow SJ anniversary.

In Albania MY was still sending messages to SJ about her time in Albania.

MJ was in Urk and while they were having ramen with GB, who had said that DY used to eat ramen a lot, they both saw a snow falling from the skies, GB said that it is miracle because usually it is never snowing in URK.

MY went to the place where she could lay some flowers to remember SJ. While standing there she said that she doesn’t believe that Sj loved her and that it was lie he said, when promised her to comeback. She spoke via radio with the headquarter , and when he had finished she had heard SJ voice in the radio, thinking that she was insinuation, she had heard his voice again. the voice in the radio asked her to turn around and look. MY turned and saw SJ walking toward her, she run to him, tripping and falling. SJ finally stood in front of her.He said it been a long time, she asked him if he was alive , he said that he is very sorry.




2 thoughts on “The Descendants of the Sun ep 15 Recap

  1. Thank you for recap. Its safe to say that this a very painful episode to watch both Shi Jin and Dae Young both get shot and the tears that were shed by both Mo Yeong and Myung Joo.

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