Entertainer ep 2 recap

After asking in the about HN,  SH got the number of his guardian GR. SH had tried to call her but she would not listen taking his calls as a prank. SH then visited the school, were he witnessed not the students bullied HN. Sh then followed HN, who was wondering in the city. HN was standing on the top and SH had stopped him saying that if he wants to die he should jump from higher place, if he will jump from here now he will only make his family suffer nursing him. SH told him that he should do what he want to do is to sing and he is there to make him famous.

HN was trying to get rid of SH but SH would not give up. During the meal HN told him that he has a case, SH said everyone in a school years were in trouble, HN then said that he is actually considered as a criminal. SH was surprised but still said that he won;t give up and will do all his best. SH handed over his card and told him to call him. In teh bus HN looked at the card and read the name, it turned out tat they used to be close, when SH was younger and HN was a kid.

In the night HN went to see his parent who had passed away, while he was practicing with the band and his father went to bring him back. HN said to his father that he had so many things to think about, he thought he will finish the school then go to the college then will get a job, or go to the army right after the graduation, but he can not find anything he wants to do but music. He asked his father if he can do the music with SH, because he really want it so much.

Next day after the school, SH was waiting for HN and HN said that he will do music with him but he first need to speak to his sister and then he said that he will do it only if it is a band. SH said that if he will be promoting as a ballad singer the fame will come fast, but with band it will be more difficult, HN said that it is his condition and SH had no choice but to agree. They went to see GR who was looking at SH with suspicion in her yes. She told him that she has 4 part time jobs and she is later now and she will think about it. Sh said that HN and SH had already spoke about everything, GR said that you spoke but she need to speak to HN as well.

SH met MJ and the cafe and asked her to join forces with him, and then he saw GR again who was working that the same cafe and was washing the windows, they had an incident that did involved water and a bicycle.

MJ had agreed to join with him to help him to create a new band but she made SH to promise that he will work really hard and put his life in it. SH started to look for the band members but had no luck because people already read about him and his incident in Seoul, but he had managed to find a very talented guitar player, his name is Kyile (KY)

HN care about is sister a lot, he always ask her to wear the gloves while she is working nad use the hand cream or wear a cloths as a girl.

During the weekend GR went to look for SH and arrived to Ktop but there she had been advised that SH had been terminated and no longer a part of the company. There she as well saw the same girl who had put her brother in trouble. But JH had recognized GR he saw her at the police station when HN was taking to by the police. He asked GR to speak to him, he said that SH is not  lair he is just some one with the big problems.

SH went to meet GR traveling all the way back to busan, GR asked him to stay away from HN, SH said that he was betrayed by Jackson and that he had been in troubles. HN said that people as well do not believe HN no mater what they would say so they need to trust one another.

On a weekend HN traveled to Seoul and Sh told them that they should get ready for audition and gave them a song. after practicing whole week and going back to Seoul to participate in audition HN asked his sister to come and see him.

Sh at the same time got in to trouble again, the news about his wrong doing with the false voting is about to burst and he is going to have one more article against him.

SH send the boys for audition  because he did not want the boys to be seen with him, in the office the brother of the composer came and hit him  saying that he is to blame for the death of his brother. MJ drove him and Sh said that he is going to solve things.

At audition HN had hard time to sing remembering the whole thing about his parent but as soon as GR showed up HN could start to sing.

in the next episode



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