Fighting For My Way ep 14 recap


DM was abt to discover who is hiding behind the closet but last moment AR had stoped him and took him away, she told him that he should have noticed that building owner had a boyfriend because she had lipstick on at home. The she asked him if he saw HR lately, because they cannot see her face. DM told AR go home because it is difficult for him and he cannot manage to control himself, but AR followed him anyway. AR asked DM if he is going to weight in tomorrow, AR said if he is going to do as he wish he should not date a woman. HR had lost all the jib offers because of her ex mother in law. Next morning DM asked AR if she more like to be announcer or she just like to hold a mic 🎤, he told her to follow her heart. #fightformyway #thirdratemyway #kimjiwon #parkseojoon #dramarecap #dramaonasofa

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