Cho Hye Jung Contorversy

Hello everyone,

Today I woke up and saw the article about Cho Hye Jung, i am sure you all have read it, and heard that she is getting a lots of hate right now for getting a lead role in a drama Imaginary Cat.

As i have mentioned before in my post about Because it’s the first time, i really like her bubbly personality and I watch the show Take of my Dad only because of her.

I just could not believe all the haters after reading the article and since i have watched her for quite sometimes now. If people watch the show take care about my dad, they should know better that Hey Jung is not just a daughter of an actor. Its not like she got all the role easy, she had been trying to get a role for years, attending many auditions.

I remember how she was getting for her role for Because its the first time, recruiting the whole family and practicing how to act like a experience hair dresser. Imaginary cat is only 8 episodes drama but just because the main lead of it is Yoo Seung Ho the things even got bigger.

I am not sure why but reading the article about her and the feedback did really made me angry, sometimes the jealousy is a reason for causing pain deeper then a knife cut. She had closed her official SNS account already.

Any way i am going to support imaginary cat just because of her.

CHo Hye Jung Fihting!!!