Yong Pal Ep 2 recap and ep 3 preview

So we are done with this week episode of a new drama Yong Pal and we will have to wait till next Wed and Thu

in this episode KTH had managed to escape from the police and not leaving behind the Gangster’s Boss. By his act he had impressed the BOSS and had been now checked by the gangster.

Police had managed to find the surgical scalpel, that KTH was using while treating the BOSS, so they have found out that the only hospital using this brand of the instrument is the same hospital were KTH is working.

In the hospital KTH had been assign to the patient that just had been out of he surgery, and he needs more care but is patient has no guardian, no hospital do not want to take responsibility for this man, since he is already causing issues with the surgery done with out the guardian and now there is no one to cover the expenses.

In the office while working at the papers for the transfer KTH had been questioned about the scalpel and he had managed to get away, when he was called out for the same patient.

Police then had a word with Surgeon Lee, who had found out who is Yong Pal  but managed send away the cops.

Now KTH is in hands of doctor Lee who said that KTH will do what he says and even become a permanent Doctor in the hospital after he will complete his residency.

And in the same episode, we have found out that Yong Pal’s mother was in an accident, by the time she arrived to the hospital she already had a heart attack and doctors were about to pronounce he dead, but only when they found out that her son is the doctor at the same hospital they have decided no to give up on her and start with CPR. KTH’s mom was ready to the surgery by the doctor but at the same time another patient had arrived and is mother had left un attended.

In this episode they spoke a lot about medical corruption, that rich patient always have a priority and KTH had strated to question about the patient in VVIP sector.

Han Yeo JIn is now awake and she is threatening to kill her self if anyone come close to her.

In the next weeks episode preview, we can see that KTH is being polished by the directors and HYJ is wondering who will be the first person she will see in three years, and at the time KTH is telling that he is going in there