THE ETERNAL ZERO ~ Japanese Movie review

I have just finished to watch The Eternal Zero (TEZ), directed by Takashi Yamazaki with Junichi Okada as a Kyuzo Miyabe.

You can read the plot of the movie, clicking on the link above.


I love movies, but i am always careful about what i watch, I am always staying away from the horror and complicated mystery or fantasy which my brain can not understand, and i have always love movie that tells stories of people’s lives, true stories or fiction, as long as those lives has a meaningful story and something to learn. To learn not only the courage, brightness, but as well learn their mistakes.

So TEZ is a movie about Kyuzo Miyabe (KM) about his life as Special force pilot.

I bet so many time you have heard people say, that if you do something good in your life, it will come back to you, if not you than it will come back to you family, to your children or grand children. You will understand the meaning of it in this movie.

This movie is about a man who has never been afraid of death and he was just wanted to stay away from it, in order to protect his loved ones, and his understanding of war was different. You fight but it doesn’t mean you need to die, you sent people to war to fight but not to die.

KM had been a great pilot, with a great love for his wife and daughter, who did everything to come back alive and keep his promise.

I promise to come back even if i will lose my arm or leg, i promise i will come back even if i die, i will reborn and come back to you

with his own believes he managed to save people, he managed to guide young pilots and he had gain respect.His impact into those people lives had been carried on and passed on to his grandchildren with a great story.

His daughter and both of his grandchildren had learn not only about his father, but yet a whole new story about Second World War II.

every one who had survived this war had own story”

I think i ma getting carried away but my emotions right now.

I will rate this movie with the scale from 1 to 10

Story : 10

Movie ; 8

Acting : 7

I would love to know what you think about this movie, please share it with me

eternal zero 3