She was Pretty ep 16 recap – The End

I literary clap my hands when i finished to watch the last episode.

In this episode

In the beginning we have learned KHJ’s opinion on dreams, she said that while we grow up slowly we have less people ask us about our dreams.

Its been three moth since JSJ had left to America, both lovers had kept their long distance love in a cute way, talking on the phone and via skype, sharing meals while video chatting. KHJ was working hard on a new book and saving money to keep her promise, to change her father’s printing machine.

MHR at the same time had been studying hard to become a professional hotelier, and getting chased by 22 years old student who is keep on confessing his love to her. MHR had noticed that KHJ looked very comfortable, and she completely returned to past herself.

While eating the yellow radish, she had remembered KSH words, that he whispered to her when she saw him  for the last time. He told her to think of him at least seldom, when she will eat the yellow radish. KHJ agreed that she actually always thinks about him while having radish.

And Ten had been traveling the world and working on his new book.

One day over the video chat KHJ said that JSJ look like crazy, and he had agreed because he misses her a lot. JSJ called KHJ and told her that he was having a cold, KHJ was trying to call him all the day but could not get him on line, she was worried a lot imagining all sort of horror stories that might happen to JSJ. But when he finally answered the phone he was right next to her walking towards her under the rain with the red umbrella.

KHJ was very happy to see him, and JSJ said that he could not managed to stay away from her any longer so he had sorted out all the things in states and came back for good to be next to KHJ. He as well told her that she will have to support him for a time being, hearing this KHJ was started to do calculation, trying to see how she can sort her finances., but JSJ told her he had already found a place were to stay till he will find a place of his own.

JSJ had rejoined MOST replacing Ra RA, who was about to get married to a young Italian model who thinks that RaRa is the most beautiful Korean woman 🙂 ( I Agree she has her own charm)

KHJ went to see her father and finally hand over him the money she had been saving all this time., to her surprise she had learned that JSJ had been living with her family all this time, while looking for a place. JSJ said that his parents asked him not to tell her about it because she was always winning about how her parents treat JSJ., and JSJ said that he usually listen what older people tell him to do. KHJ gave the bank book to his father and told him to buy a new machine, her father refused and said that he can just fixed the old machine, he asked her to use this money for her wedding or use it when she will get married but JSJ said that she doesn’t need anything to bring with her when she will marry him, not even a spoon. KHJ insisted and said that this was her motivation all this time. Father accepted the money. Next day when they were leaving the house KHJ had found another bank book in her bag, the book was from her parents, her mother made a note saying that her father was depositing money for her, because they did not even managed to pay her college fees. KHJ was touched and cried saying that they shouldn’t have done it. Mother told her to get ready for a wedding and buy some beautiful blankets. JSJ said that he love the fact that he is going to be the part of this family.

JSJ is back to his old himself and keep in himself always busy and still can not get use to the fact that his office is on the second floor, poor Cha manager have to remind him all the time when he barge into her office and his office is upstairs. Old remaining writers miss KSH and tell the stories about him to a newcomers.

During the meeting at MOST JSJ had usually scolded his writers about article and before leaving upstairs he handed over everyone an envelops, before they opened the envelops he told them that he is getting married and he would like them to come and have a meal. Everyone were surprised to learn that the bride is KHJ, Cha manager said that he could do a better invitation in MOST way.

KHJ’s book was finally out, the book was about the hiding girl from the picture, she was happy to see a book with the her name on it.

Before the wedding MHR had made a nice cozy bride shower for KHJ and as well celebrate the fact that she is not a hotelier.

She had presented KHJ with a flower bouquet and veil and told her that she did it her self attending the classes though they are a bit messed up she still did it with her heart. MHR wished a good life and happy life.

JSJ and KHJ got married and had started married life together, they moved into big house and KHJ had become the writer and was working on her book. JSJ was trying to get her attention saying that his life as married man is very lonely and boring, since KHJ was very busy working on her book.

Ten is back to Korea and his new book had been released, on the last page on his new book he dedicated it to his best friend Jackson.

A happy continue for JSJ and KHJ life together is a daughter who looks like KHJ.

————————————  The END—————————–

Thank you for reading my recaps, 9 weeks with you were amazing 🙂

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