Hyun Bin After Army

Can you believe that it has been already 2 years since Secret garden fever and Hyun Bin has already returned to us from Army. 

I have always praised Hyun Bin for his ability to handle things as a man, not only in terms of acting as well in personal life. The way he has entered the army the way he handled it and the way he has handled the situation with this then already ex girlfriend. 

So now the main question what is next for Hyun Bin.??? 

As we all already now he has been missing acting and was emotional taking about it during the discharge ceremony, so now he will return to us first with few new CFs of Cantana coffee and Samsung, but what we want is to see him in a small screen ASAP. I wonder with whom he will paired up in his first drama and wonder what role he will choose for this return drama, aaaa my head is spinning, just to know is gonna be soon and sure that i don’t have o wait for two years is making it a bit easy 


waiting ….