D-Day Ep 20 recap – The End

Thank you for reading the recaps for D-Day drama, it was great to have you around for the past 10 weeks. Eve though D-Day was not supper popular drama, for it was supper fun to recap it and i loved each and every episode of it. Thank you for being with me ๐Ÿ™‚

in this episode

Director had been rescued after the accident and had been taken to the Mire Hospital, were everyone were ready for his arrival. KJR was giving orders to make everything ready including two surgeons HWJ adn LHS.

When director had been brought to the hospital two other doctors had refused to operate him, because they needed more check up to be done including MRI and X ray. KJR told them that they need to operate him on urgent basis, because it might take hours to take all the scans. PJn had arrived and asked LHS to go inside the operation room, she asked him for a favor, she begged him to save her father. This how the rest came to learn the truth. PJN told LHS that she knows jthat he hated him and that she hates him too, but just for this time she asked to help her father because if her father will die LHS will not be bale to hate him anymore. LHS said no, and wanted to walk away but Director had grabbed his hand, with the begging eyes.

The surgery had began, but the situation got worse and JDM commented the situation is similar to JW’s.LHS asked ADG to call for the heart surgeon, but HWj said that he is here and he can do it, he told to LHS that if they wil wait Director will die and they have only one in their mind is to save the patient. JDM said that she will be HWJ hands.

More then 5 hours later, they have moved director alive from the operation room and PJN had informed her mother that even though she hated him so much she is happy that he is alive.

KJR had praised for the great job and HWJ said that it was JDM who did the surgery and they have praised her, telling that it was not just something anyone could do. PJN had asked for forgiveness that she lied, but LHS said that even he hates him, he is her father, and at first he did not want to do the surgery because director had make his life crazy and throw away his mother. PJN asked him if he agreed because she begged him, he said because director reach out his hand asking to save him.

LHS and JDM had their own moments in the room, LHS had apologized for all the hush words he said to her before and for making her cry. Out of the sudden, JDM had received a call from the director from her Busan hospital, and told her that he had send an ambulance to bring her and her dad back. Right after she finished the call the nurse had informed her that the car from Busan is already hear and waiting for her. She looked at LHS and said that its time for her to pack her staff.

Everyone came to bit their farewell to JDM and Her father. HWj said that he is proud for saving her life before, only LHS did not come to to send her off, JDM said that he did not even asked for her number and LHS had secretly watched her leave in a Busan car.

Captain brought the last video of LWS to LHS and asked him if he will be ok to watch it because it is the last footage and the footage of his brother’s death. LHS said that he is ok and he wants to see his brother. They brought Nari to help with the pass the message

Mother, bother I going first, you both should live a long happy life, Good bye I love you

Director opened his eyes, he asked about the surgery and PJN told him that it was successful, then he asked his her to touch his leg and the JN said that he will get another surgery in few moth and it will improve. Director asked LHS why he had saved him, and LHS asked why he had reached out his hand, isn’t it because LHS is a doctor and Director is a patient and this is all what needed to be said. LHS said that its true that he hates him andย  hates a lot but his daughter asked him and then Director needs to be alive so LHS can continue fighting with him. LHs then said that he is not sure if he can continue fight with weak director so he recommended director to recover fast so they can continue their fight again and LHS will go till the end and make Director regret after LHS will win for all the time making him cry. Director them asked them to leave him.

LHS showed the last footage to his mother and told her that LWS said that he loves him and that he is really cool and left coolly with no regrets. LHS said that mother had raised a great national hero. LHS mother opened her eyes and managed to recognize him, she was trying to call for LWS looking at his picture with the band. LHS thanked his mother for coming back.

Fake minister had been questioned for all his wrong doing, he had been asked for stopping the fire crew saving building from fire, and then about sending the crew for the mission under the water knowing that it is dangerous. All minister said that he wanted to his best and thought he did not know about the full situation before sending the crew under the water he had managed to bring power and communication back to the city. Minister then said that he is ready to give up his post.

KJR came to see minister and asked him to marry her, she told him that he is great man for sure with out money and the power.

Two month after….

LHS came to visit LWS with their mother. Mother said that lots of things happened while she was asleep and she will pretend as if LWS is sleeping as her and will wake up and will call for her.

Director is about to leave the hospital and looking at JN’s mother wedding ring he had admitted that he had been embarrassed before by the situation of his wife and he wanted to go back to her once she is recovered, but it took him too long. before leaving the hospital Director said to LHS that he will not give up the fight and will go till the end, and then he said to HWJ said he is sticking up though he can not see, HWj said that he now can see things which he could not see with his eyes, and he had finally become a real doctor. Director left and and his position had been taken by KJR. The fake minister went back to his previous job as a construction worker. PJN had brought her mother back to his father and told him that her mother will take him to the hospital instead of her.

HWJ continued working in the hospital, he could still examine patients and find problems by the touch of his hands. YMH had changed as well, now saving lives with DMAT team even admitted that he still lots to learn.

LHS had asked for a week time but KJR did not wanted him to leave and they have fought, during the fight he had commented that people change once they sit on the director’s chair.

LHS cam down to Busan with the gift, JDM is suffering dealing with the interned and thier wrong doing, always remembering LHS in her mind.

The patient had arrived to the hospital when she had reach the injured she saw that someone had already assist the patient, she asked for guarding but it was LHS who stood next to her.

JDM did not give a proper greeting to LHS and making him crazy, she asked him why he came to Busan, he said that he came to see her. LHs asked her if she did not want to see him, she said that they had spend soย  much time together and even used one bed, how come he did not call her once. LHS said that he is leaving back and then he will call her, then he asked her a question and told her to give a short answer. He asked her what about Seoul and she said not then he asked her what about him, she said definitely no, he could only ask her why, then JDM phone rang and she had been asked to attend the patient who had arrived with LHS. LHS told her Let’s do the surgery.


——– the end ———