Entertainer ep 1 recap

Shin Suk-Ho ( SH) is a Director of one of the biggest Entertainment companies that had a boy group Jackson signed with them, and the lead of the group, the leader of the group had been caught on a date with the girl group member. The was trying to cover up the story with the  journalist who had caught them on a date, journalist had said ok to hide the story and accept offered money. Journalist then called SH a president, because SH had decided to leave the K top entertainment with guys from Jackson and start on his own. SH later met the girl and asked to leave the boy alone because it will be the waste of the hard work they have done coming this far.

Though the president of K top is showing the support for SH’s new start he still had his own worries, by loosing Jackson. SH has a manager Kim Joo-Han (JH) who was supposed to leave the company together with the SH but feeling afraid and unsettled.

SH is running around meeting the investors and the producers making the new star ready.

One day SH had a visit from the composer who had gave up his own song and its now had been release as a song of Jun the leader of Jackson. The composer asked SH to return the song to him and make everyone know that it is his song. he had returned the money and he had received from SH and said that he doesn’t want money anymore all he wants to be acknowledged by his girlfriend and his family. SH offer him to make his next song as a title song in the next album, but Composer said that he will sue him and left.

In Busan

Geu-Rin was attending the hearing of her younger bother Ha-Neul (HN), lawyer asked the judge to give him a light punishment since his is good at school and well behaved. Judged asked HN why he did what he did to his best friend, HN said that because he wanted to help her. GR had tried to defend his brother by bringing the characteristics HN from the school. Judged gave to Hn to serve some hours but HN had requested to be taken to the fosters so he can think about why his help turn into the crime. Before he was taken away he asked his sister to quite the karaoke club so she will not walk home alone.

GR missed her brother and felt lonely at home she had tried to see him but he ahd refused to see his own sister and even did not read the letter that she had wrote to him, folded the letter into the plane and let it fly away.

In Seoul SH was out drinking with the producers and received a call from JH who had informed him that the composer had committed a suicide. while rushing back he had tried to read the message from Jun who wrote him that he wants to die. SH did not noticed that his car had moved to the other side and he got himself into accident.

SH got locked up and the injured man had been paid and asked no to tome to an agreement with SH and take it to the court.

Yeo Min-Joo (MJ) is working for another entertainment company and was trying to convince the president of the company to sign an indie band, but president told her to sell her house and do it on her own. MJ later went to visit the victim of the car accident that SH had been involved and tried to convinced then to settle with SH.

MJ came to visit SH and SH was only worried about Jun, Mj scolded him that he is thinking only about Jun, SH said that Jun is like a family to him.

Jackson had resigned with KTOP and decided to stay there and SH had learned this news while watching the TV in his sell. When he was out he had learned from JH that he ahd been fired and Jackson guys were scared about their future since he had been locked down and never knew when he will be out, so this is how this all had happened.

SH new company named Mango used to have a great future ahead with the Jackson, but guys even moved away from their previous home and even left the kakao chat room and refused to speak to SH.

SH travel to Busan to meet another investor, the investor is rich man and he had made SH wait whole day before he said that SH had treated him before the same way and never acknowledge him so this is a lesson to SH to learn the same feeling. Investor then asked SH asked him if he ever thought that he will be in the situation like this.

NH had advised to the principal that he will not go to college and will not sing anymore, remembering how his father was upset with him when he had learned that he want to be a singer, because his older son had died due to it and his mother had just started to recover after moving to Busan.

When SH was thinking that its over he had heard a song that had captured all his attention and the singer HN was watching him from upstairs.

In the next episode.

SH will look for HN and will visit his school. He will then find HN on the roof top and ready to jump. SH told him to wait because he is there to make him famous.