Unpretty Repstar Feat Gosha Rubchinskiy

In this episode of Unpretty Rap Star I couldn’t miss the hoody, that San E was wearing with the some Russian name on it.

So after pause rewind and pause again and then some google search here what i have found out

Gosha Rubchinskiy http://gosharubchinskiy.com/

gosha rubchinsky

I have checked the site and his fashion line is so much reminds me USSR in 80’s or beginning of 90″s before its got broken into fifteen separate countries. it is a swag. What i love about Korean Stylists that works with the celebrities, they never stop exploring. I have learn so many designers, thanks to K Bizz and I have to say that its not only American, lots of clothes that Kstars use are made by UK designers too, and now I found one Russian.

If you are interested for me to tell more about it, and guide you to the different designers, send me a comment.