The Beauty Inside – Korean movie review

i have thought for a long time if i should post a review on this movie or not.

I am guessing that lots of people had a chance to watch it, and lots of you are still waiting for it to be released on line with subs, this is one of my the most anticipating movies of 2015.

I just want to say, you must watch this movie, because the plot of this movie has a beautiful meaning. The meaning of appreciation, and understanding the inner look of a human. No matter how you look, young or old, handsome or ugly, thin or plum, your original look is inside of you.

Another reason to watch this movie is to indulge your eyes with the mix of famous actors, not only Korean as well Japanese. Top Korean actor took a part in this movie, their parts may be short but they each of them made a great adding acting color into it.

And again I wont recap the plot or post a spoilers, so you can truly enjoy it with the light intensity and romantic linger. Don’t try to watch it without full subs, because you must hear and understand each said word to get a greater understanding, because what I feel is; the director of the movie didn’t make the movie just to make a budget profit and included so many top actors, the director made this movie to change the people way of thinking about curtain things in life and the greatest meaning is the love yourself and others from inside not from outside. Don’t just treat your eyes, treat your mind as well while watching it, and I am gonna post a song from the  movie to treat your ears.