Because It’s The First Time – easy recap for 1-3 parts

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  • Minho – Yoon Tae-O (TO)
  • Park So-Dam – Han Song-Yi (SY)
  • Kim Min-Jae – Seo Ji-An (JA)
  • Lee Yi-Kyung – Choi Hoon (CH)
  • Cho Hye-Jung – Oh Ga-Rin (GR)
  • Jeong Eu-Gene – Ryoo Se-Hyun (SH)

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TO, SY, JA, CH, and GR are fiends since the high school, SY is TO’s first love, he was so crazy in love with her in high school, he even rejected Yoona, the most beautiful girl in school. And TO’s mother and SY father had died in the same day but years part.

TO lives is the roof top apartment, were they all get together very often.TO had decided to get over his first love and started to attend many blind dates

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TO is again having his blind date at the cafe where SY is having her part time job, The girl he had been set up with is SH and she is beautiful and TO honestly compliments her many times. They happened to live in the same area and both like to take videos.

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While ordering his coffee TO had witnessed how the manager is asking SY to write a report instead of him, other wise he will make her lose the job. TO had picked a fight with the manager saying that SY is his girlfriend, he punched the manager in result SY had fired and his date had gone.

SY is struggling at her twenties, she has three part time jobs, in the gas station, in the supermarket and at the bar, she had dreamed that at her twenties she will be able to wear nice clothes and heels visit the same cafe and drive crazy the same manager with the order. And she wanted to have experience dating and she wanted her date to be JA.

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One day SY appeared at TO’s place with the luggage, it turned out that her mother had run away, she left the note for SY, saying that as of now she needs to live as if she doesn’t have mother, she asked SY to keep her younger sister with her aunty. TO helped SY to take her sister to her aunty and overheard how her aunt told her that she should have get a job instead going to college. In the night TO is waiting for SY, he tried to call her many times but she won’t pick up. SY crossing the bridge were she had made a call to a help center, while she was telling all her frustration and asked GOD the reason why she was born the police came to take her.

JA is working with his father at the restaurant and make deliveries, he likes SY, one day when SY wanted to change her hair style he told her that she is pretty as she is and there is no need for her to change the hair style and SY leave her short hair as it is.

GR works as a hairdresser and she is close to CH he often helps her at the salon.

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CH is well knows in his area as a man who always walk in his underwear, because his parent always through his out of their house right after he wakes up, and he sleeps wearing just his boxers.

One day CH asked GR if she even wondered why he is always run around wearing his boxers, she said that she is wondering and GH said that unfortunately his parents never had wondered about him.

In the next episode

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SY will be taken to the station and will wait for TO to pick her up because she needs a guardian, she will tell to the police officers that her friend had never stood her up and always came when she needed him, but TO is busy chasing SH the blight date that he had screwed up. CH will prank his parents and ask for ransom, he will decided to to come back home till they will come looking for him.

JA and TO will confess to each other that they have a girl they like.