Madame Antoine Ep 6 recap Ep 7 preview


Professor Bae and CS had some kind of a slippery situation, after that Professor had asked  his help with exercises and pick up some equipments.

Later Professor and SH both sat to evaluate the situation of SW by watching the recording that made that night at the bar. SH asked him what what time SW opens up his eyes in the morning he said very early, and he said that he likes movies.

HR had been taken to see te chairman in his real house and she had told him about the love test that had been conducted by SH. Chairman found it very interesting and even funny, asking which man had been selected in the end. HR then asked if SH is going to make the same test, but Chairman said that he might and he might not. when she was leaving she had seen a woman in white that had been taken upstairs, when she asked about the woman, the secretary said that it is no one she needs to know about.

HJ had told to CS about the suspicions of HR about the test that she had discovered, then HJ had said that SH is acting weird he after hearing that HR will never forgive them if the test is true. CS had decided to try his brother so in the evening he had told SH that HR is ill and she is dying and as of not SH should treat her well. SH at first did not believe CS, bus CS had managed make SH worry but the all the act. SH went to his room and stayed all night up making the research on HR fake illness , he even called HR and asked how she felt, HR told him that since she is over thirty she is experience some problems, bad digestion, cough. HR had then called his friend doctors to know that is the result of the illness and he had been informed that 5 years to live is the max. SH then went to CS room and asked him how he can sleep so calmly after learning about HR, CS had said that he had lied just to make SH learn about his own fillings to HR.

SH had made a note that he is not controlling his hormones, and since he is not able to control his own feelings he should leave the test. Next morning he had informed CS and HJ that he is no longer going to be a part of the research so they need to find a replacement. After that he called for HR and told her to quit the center and that they dont need her anymore and that they will participate in a big project and they will have another person. HR said that she will not leave the center and it is not up to her since she did not join it willingly. SH said that she will close the center and will move, because he doesn;t like the owner and the cafe down stairs. HR then asked if she is going to be damped as well, after SH had approached her first, asking her for a meal and offering buy her some bags and then even came to jail with her. She said that he has other reasons and she needs to know. He said to her he is just like this this is his style and asked her to give up her position.

Before leaving she asked him why he said to her that he likes her, and now she gets it as if ti was all a lie and all SH said that she was a good partner.

YR and HJ went to the sauna and there YR gave him a po- po, HJ asked her to do it one more time because he like it and he want to know till the end what it is, because without learning how it feels complete he can not sleep. After taking a second po po from YR he said that it felt nice so he is going to give po po to HR now.

CS took HR for a drink and after she got fully drunk CS went to buy some meds for her to get sober. Sh called to CS but HR picked up the phone and she told him that he is very bad for making the move first and then told her bye bye so she said that she is not going to see him any more and it is bye bye for real.

SH was waiting for then by the coffee, and again CS had said that SH likes her for real.

HJ had picked up another two candidates for SH replacement in the research, but SH did not pass both of them looks like out of jealousy towards to HR.

SH had a session with SW and he asked him few questions but SW was not ready to open up, so he just let time pass and when the time was over SH stood up and said that he may leave, but SW asked why he is just let him go like this with out even telling him anything, SH told him that its him need to start talking. SW said that when he and his siblings were small his father used to come early in the morning always drunk, father used to woke the kids up and asked them what they have l;earned that day at school and then asked them to say everything they have learn and then beat them and their mother. SW said that he used to wake up early morning always scared for his father return, so he started to hate school and packed lunches. As soon as he became 20 he left the house

SH then took SW to the hospital where his father was admitted and SW said that he doesn’t want to meet him, Sh told him that he did not ask him to meet his father to make up, he told him that SW must meet his father for himself, to recover from the memories other wise he will never be able to cure his problems. SW father is on a death bed and he had asked for the forgiveness, but SW asked him what kind of forgiveness he is asking for? SW broke down in tears and told his father that he will never ever forgive him.

YR came home and found her sister watching a horror movie and then she asked her if HR kissed HJ and if she has anything towards to HJ, making HR more angry.

SH had finally picked up a third man, who is a professor. Professor came to meet HR at her cafe pretending that he came to use her fortune telling abilities. Mean while SH was all nervous waiting int eh center wanting to know about if the professor met HR and how the first meeting went. HR had tied to speak to Madame Antoine in her french but Professor speak french as well, as well Italian, Spanish and Japanese. So the language HR picked up is German since madame Antoine is from Austria. HR session was getting disturbed by the messages professor was getting from SH.

Professor invited HR for a movie and handed over her his card, so she could call him once she make up her mind. In the evening HR called the professor while looking at the paper that SH handed over to her in regards to her resignation.

HJ went to see HR and had learn that she is going out for a date with the professor and informed SH. SH had turned into a stalker after hearing HJ telling him that professor is doing too well and it’s been only a day since they have met. And now she all dressed up and ready for a date. HR followed the both to the cinema and then to the caffee, but HR and Professor had noticed the stalker and leaded him to the police station. He could not control himself and stopped them in the middle of the street and asked professor to let go of her hand. HR asked professor how he knows SH.

in the next episode

HR had rejected Sh felling and demanded for a truth. SH rented the caffee and invited many women to for a dinner.  Later HR asked SH about his true feelings and if is true that he had fallen for her for real.