Because it’s the first time Ep 4,5,6 recap

SY was taken to the police station were she had been held and questioned by two cute policemen.

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They asked her to call her friend if their is no way to call her parents. She switched on her phone and received all the messages from her phone on of the message was from JA it said that since he is waiting for her he want to see her. The message made her blush and policemen had assumed that she got a message from her friend that she like. At the same time GR, JA TO and CH were waiting for SY on a street, TO had noticed the girst from his blind date ad run after her, she stopped and while he was trying to explain her that SY is not his girlfriend, SY had called him and asked him to come to the police station. Again TO had explained to her that there is nothing that she is thinking and she let him go, they have promised to meet again.

When TO had reached the station had already left, but policeman had told him that SY likes him. SY came back and called TO asking him to come out, when TO came out he SY told im that she had bought a house and showed him a tent. TO all the time was wondering why would SY like him, so he decided to treat her bad so she will get over him, TO told SY that she will have to pay the rent and the expenses for the utilities. Next morning he did not even offered her to share his breakfast.

Later all the guys had gathered together next to JA restaurant, and they have heard how TO’s father is telling JA’s father that he will increase him rent, and both fathers got into verbal fight. Guys left to the basketball yard and To said that in days like this JA does everything to win. JA then said to TO that he will clean the building of his father so his father will not spend money for a cleaner and this will be consider as a rent increase. After they both clean the building TO called his father but father said that he will deduct the money from his allowance, making TO very angry and upset. JA commented about TO’s father that he is not easy to convince, To got upset by the comment and said that they both born from the father they did not choose, JA sad that he still like that he was born from his father he said that he loves to be his father’s son. Then TO said to Ja that someone likes him and Ja said that he has some one likes him too ( both meant SY), but JA said that he will not confess because like the things going on between both of them right now, TO said that he will not confess too, because he still want to enjoy other women with the pretty fce and big breasts. Then TO informed that SY is now living with him, making JA a bit worry. In the evening SY before going home stopped by JA who was doing his part time job at the store. SY gave JA a chocolate and JA gave her a drink. Happy Sy was going home were To was waiting for her with pizza, after giving her a hard time he had let her drink pepsi and eat pizza, and then he told her, that he is lost and has nothing going on in his life so he asked he to make his life crazy, he asked her to make him fall for her and drive him crazy, though TO had already confirmed to himself that he likes SY despite all what he said about her before.

GR and CH were infron if CH house and CH told GR to call police if he will not go out from the house in 10 minutes. CH went inside and saw how his parents eat fruits with his bothers and watch TV, When he entered no body paid any attention to him, his father said to him that he should have run to another area why he is keep on staying in the same area and make them ashamed. CH then said that he understood why his parents hate him because he is different from his brothers and not living like their parents want. His father beat him and he run away again with the the suitcase back to GR.

in the next episodes

GR will tell TO that she likes him and she will keep on going like him, There is something that GR need to know,a nd they need to tell her. JA will tell to Sy that she is not along and her feelings are not one sided. The girl from bind date will tell TO that he likes Sy and asked him if by chance SY his first love.