Sassy Go Go Ep 12 recap – The End

KY had confronted SHJ if he gave up cheerleading because of KYD

KY – Is it because KYD ? Is it because of her you gave up cheerleading? I am asking you

SHJ – If it is because of her, so what? So what ? What should i do? After seeing how you run to save KYD risking your won life, after learning that she is the first girl you really like. What I supposed to do?

KY – You should have told me

SHJ- If i said, what would have changed? because even you can not stop now ( feelings for KYD) So what what ever i do, run or hide, don’t care about it.

SHJ then went and took his anger out in a classroom braking the mirror, he then met KYD who had asked him what was wrong with his hand and if it pains he said yes it paint because he had hurt himself. Then he asked her to stay where she was and follow him, and he asked her for it as a favor.

Next day, after sleepless night both KY and SHJ felt awkward around each other, KY even refused to go for lunch with KYD.

KY found SHJ hiding in the gym, he asked him if he was there whole day.

SHJ- i asked you do not care

KY- i have tried my best, but your word are right no matter how i think about it, right now i can not give up KYD but as well I can not give up you, so i really dont know what to do.

SHJ- it is nothing serious, i will sort things out

KY- what can you do? Let’s just give each time if my feelings like this, then what about yours.

KSA mother came to school to check on the situation with the specs investigation., she met KSA and the girl asked her mother not to come to school often, because she is doing well now.

Principal and school is under investigation for a specs and its got noisy, the news got spread even in the net and now the club is shut down and the instructor had been fired together, as well the principal and KSA’s mother had been called for investigation.

Cheerleading guys and teacher Yang is sad betting their farewell to the instructor. SHJ went to see his father and blames him for not keeping his own words and made the club shut down, SHJ said that he thought he could save the club and could save his friends, but his father told him to shut up and it all was for his son sake. SHJ said that his father did it because he was scared, he end up getting a slap from his father and got locked up at home.

KY and KYD both very sand and lost with the current situation, KYS asked if grown up things are thing difficult, things like cheerleading and  her mother, KY said that yes the problems come one after another. But KYD said that she used to think that if she would follow her heart things will be just fine. KY said that he is sorry but at that moment he is as well doesn’t know that to do.

The whole club is very sad that the club is not closed, and right before the competition, even their own parents can not help them. KYD said that they have started the club by force and now they got closer and they started to enjoy it, she told then not to give up and think what can be done, since they have few days left till competition.

SHJ is not attending the school and Teacher Yang had informed the guys that SHJ is not feeling well and will not be attenting school for few days.

KY went to check on SHJ but he had been advised that SHJ was not at home, he paid a visit to SHJ father and asked him about SHJ. Father said that SHJ is ok and KY return to school, and SHJ had nothing to do with cheerleading. KY asked SHJ father not to beat his son anymore, because parent who hit own child is not a human.

KSA joined KYD, who was lost her own thoughts, and asked her why she is not trying to convince guys to go on for competition, because this is what she would do as a girl KSA knew before. And she offered her a help if she will decided to go and ask guys too. KYD said that she is afraid right now that the guys will get hurt, because she knows the situation very well, so she think that she needed a bit time to think. KSA told her to take as much time as she needs jut not give up and not run away.

Tomorrow is the competition, and KYD said that he choice is to stand on a stage with all the guys, so she said that she will wait for them 30 minutes before the competition, so she will meet the guys who wants to do it, she was given them a choice and said that she will not be judging if someone will not show up. KY asked why she did it, because if only one will not show up then they will not be able to perform, but KYD said that this is the only things that came into her mind.

KYd asked about SHJ and KY promised her to bring him tomorrow, because he is sure that SHj will want to stand on the stage  with them. Both of them met at the SHJ building they both came to take SHJ out, they managed to make him go out using the fire alarm and they asked him to go with them, but he said that he needed something to finish on his own.

SHJ met his father and told him that he will do the cheerleading with his friends and he said that he will not get beaten by his father again. SHJ showed his father the scars that he will now carry all his life, he said that every time he got beaten by father he hated himself, but now he will stop hating himself and will not fell like a garbage. She said that his father can do what he wants but as of now SHJ will not be scared of his own father.

Everyone came for competition but there was a problem with the registration, Instructor came to rescuer and she managed to reinstate them and made them to try out. Even the competition was fears they still got on the stage with the cheers from the Teacher Yang teacher. They have completed the performance clean and with the happy faces and with the words  TODAY I AM CHEERING ON YOU!  KYD will you remember the time when we were in pain, but because you were there we became us, and i got the courage. And because you were there I could see my self and do my best. And i will felt down and will do mistakes and cry, but i will never regret, because i did my best.

They did not do well on a competition but it did not stop them and they were very happy being together.

SHJ finally told KYD about his own feelings, using the gummy bears he told her a story how red near hated green one, because green one was very noisy, but green bear get slowly closer and helped the red bear when he was in pain, so this is how red bear started like the green bear, nad learn love while being in pain, and asked to pass the message of appreciation.

SHj and KYd got alone together again and things got back as before.

SHJ father started to change and even got tretment in hte hospital

KSa mother is under investigation for specs and KSA is not much in touch with her mother, but she send a video message to her mother that she is cheering on her and she loves her and thankful.

Teacher Im had become a principal but it got finished very fast.

they guys remain the same the best 5% stay as best and the guys with the lowest grade remained the same.

KSA is keep on stilling KYD’s strawberry milk from HDJ.

KYD and KY’s parents are in love again……

KY father met KY and talked to him, father told him that being a grown up doesn’t mean that all the things can be done as a grown person, both KY’s parents were not ready to be parents so this is how they hurt him, but father said that he wanted KY to be a cool grown up and never hurt own feelings. KY found a ring in the car with the note from KYD mother saying that she was happy to receive the ring and she is supporting father’s decision on giving up the marriage for the kids sake.

KY and KYD are still keeping their love.

—————————— THE END ————————–