The Descendants of the Sun ep 16 Recap The End

SJ and MY had finally met after a long year on a day SJ and DY had disappeared. SJ was holding MY in her arms saying that its been a long time, and MY was not believing that he is alive. In the next moment MY had shown her anger to SJ, for being away form her, then she said that it is over between them, and that she will never forgive him, then she said to him that she will live alone and she does not need anything, later she said that she missed him and never forget him, and finally she said that she loves him.

It snowed in URK for the first time in hundred year and there MJ saw DY walking towards her under the falling snow. Dy said that he is very late with the reply, but he will never let go of her even if he will die.

MJ returned DY his tags and helped him to shave, Dy said that he will never die again, and even if he will die he will not be dead, MJ said she does not believe him any more, but asked him to do that, she said that she saw a snow that came in hundred years and him coming back, so she had used all her magic in life and she has only him now.

DY then told her what happened, he said that they have been taken away before the others came to rescuer them, both SJ and DY never knew where they were, but they have been saved by North Korean soldier.

In Albania, Sj was pulling his jokes again, and MY said that she had missed his jokes and that he had suffered a lot. SJ recall everything he had been through and he said to her that he will never do the same thing again, MY said that she is believing him again. After Sj asked her about the ritual meal for the death anniversary, she got a bit confused, she asked her friend to reconfirm that he as well can see SJ.  MY had received a call from her team in Seoul and she had turn the phone fora better view and the team saw how SJ was eating the meal that she had prepared for his death anniversary. Everyone were in shock, assuming that SJ was a ghost and they have asked her to say some words to SJ since his spirit is there and she can send him to a better place. MY had fun pulling a prank with her friends, and she said that she will give them details once she is back.

DY and SJ were welcomed back, everyone thanked them for staying a live but their joy was not long, because they have been ordered to write a report about what have happened. Both were trying to figure out what to write, and what story to tell so it would look very true, SJ then told to DY that he should stay back and write both their reports so they will look the same and before DY could start to complain, SJ said that DY girlfriend is still in URK and SJ is in Seoul.

SJ and MY were in the same cafe where MY once broken up with him, MY said that she might do it again. She asked him is SJ is still planning to go to the malls. SJ said that he must to protect, MY told him that he should not worry because she will not protest and will not ask him to stop. She said that she will support him, SJ thanked her for that. MY then said that since she did not dumped him they should go for a fishing, and that he has to be ready for her cuteness because she is going to act very happy, and they have to heal the trauma.

In the fishing spot, MY was very tensed because she could not catch anything, SJ commented that they might get another trauma instead of heal. SJ said that its cold and there is no fish, so it could be better for them to have a rest in the tent, SJ then told her that he had forgot that she is not sharing once bad with the man, MY said that it was not her, that she was one year younger when she said that and she did not know what life is.

In the night MY asked SJ if they can come back to URK again, SJ asked her with whom, she said with him, happy Sj asked him when, she said to wait and once she will tell him NOW he should come running to her with the passport.

DY received a call from MJ, who was still in URK. MJ said that every morning she wakes up and asks GB if DY is alive, and today GB came first and said first that DY is alive and its not a dream, but MY still wants to confirm it and that’s why she needs to hear his voice. DY told her that she can call anytime even in the middle of the night, but tomorrow he can not answer the call because they have to receive a VIP.

VIP turned out to be a girl group Red Velvet and both SJ and DY were on a front raw dancing with the girls ( oh my GOD, have you seen them both? ). But both had been caught red handed and had been caught on camera. In revenge MY had asked people to asked her during the show if she has a boyfriend. MY said that it would be nice to have a boyfriend and exercise with him but she is too busy to have a boyfriend.

MJ told to DY that she is coming back soon and till that day she will only think about how to kill him.

My was about to beat SJ up but SJ said that he got a promotion and MY was very happy telling him that it all means that Sj will have a raise.

SJ had received a promotion, and MY said that he is the man who loves his country, and as usually he is always doing his duty and she is still doctor who gives interviews.

MJ had finally returned to Seoul, and she was having a drink with DY, DY said that tomorrow they need to go and see her father, and that he will not remove the uniform and he is going to tell her father that while holding her hand.

Next day both appeared in front MJ father and before DY could say anything, MJ said that she is pregnant. DY said that its not true, he said that he will not keep his promise and will not leave the army, and he will look for a another way to get the acknowledgment from father, because even with his stomach opened he still want to be in army. father said that he had already acknowledged DY as a soldier and as his future son in law and that he is honored to have son in law like him.

MJ went to see MY and said a good news about the end of war between her father and DY, and then handed over a letter from Fatima. Fatima wrote that she is now learning Korean and that she will become a doctor too to help MY in a future, and that she misses her.

CH had received a video message from Blacky, but still he could not learn him name, getting very upset and saying that he will always be fore him just Blacky.

Nurse had search Doctors song Computer and saw what he was hiding in his C drive, it turned out to be the collection of all her pictures. Doctor song said that he was getting ready for proposal, nurse told him not to do it, because she will do it her self once she will repay all his money, Doctor asked her if she could do it faster, by borrowing some money from MY.

Everyone had received an invitation from DS to attend his wedding with YH, and all the nurses were crying tears rivers.

MJ was telling a story about DS and YH, YH was saved by DS and in order to bring her to Canada, DS had arranged the marriage.Dy then asked MJ if she read the letter he kept for her. She said no, then Dy said the letter to her, about how he will love her no matter if he is died or alive, and that he was always thankful for the love she gave him, to reconfirm that MJ finally opened the letter.

While discussing the attendance of DS wedding SJ asked MY why on the picture where she was giving the vow not a president but her, MY said because she was pretty, and then she asked him if she is not leaving, he said that he should wait for the end of the traffic, MY commented that he had been using that excuse for 2 hours already.

MY had finally called SJ and told him NOW and they both returned to URK. There MY had taken his picture saying that he has no picture of him only his xray and she had been looking at it all the time. They sat looking at the sky and MY was enjoying the wine alone again, because SJ had to drive the boat. Sj asked her is wine tasted good, and she said yes and they have returned to the previous situation back to life. MY said that her heart were beating so fast that moment, SJ said that his heart is beating fast right now, because he is on  beach with the girl and drink and the sky is showering with stars. SJ asked how come woman like her came to him, MY said that he saved the world in the previous life, and that he might meet her again in the next life because he is keep on saving in this life, and if she will not come to him in the next life he should find her.

Everyone is gathered at the wedding waiting for the bride and groom to return after the changing the cloth, and when CH was about to announce the ending, he light went off and they have been informed that the volcano had been irrupted.


Thank you everyone who had read my recaps and shared with me those wonderful 8 weeks, while enjoying the sweetest love ever.

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