Witch Romance K- Drama Review




Hmm…. This week was the end of Mon Tue Drama Witch’s Romance with Umazing Um Jung Hwa and Lovely Park Seo Joon.

Did i like it? Yes,

Will I re watch it? Yes

Why? Because it is very easy and light drama, I really enjoy watching it after crazy Monday working day and it was so intersting to follow the love with 14 years gap.

So this is a short drama story so you know what it is all about, alarming you that it will reveal the ending so if you really want to watch it with out knowing how it will end, don’t read it ๐Ÿ™‚

Ban Ji-yeon (JY) is 39 years old andย  successful writer in a Troublemaker Newspaper and she is a workaholic, work is all what she has, she lives a lonely life with her one single fish in a big aquarium, with no friends. She was stood up at her wedding by a groom who has disappeared from her life for many years. people in her office call her Witch, for being cold hearted old spinster.



Yoon Dong-ha (DH) is 25 years old, who is par time worker, his girl friend diedย  due to heart failure at his fathers hospital and since then has dropped out from the medical school and cut all his contacts with his father. he is Very matured for his age and very kind hearted, always helping people who is need.

this two people met due to JY work and Dh ened up working in Troublemaker as a part time employer as her assistant. While working together, trying to catch sexy stories for their paper, riding DY’s Scooter, they slowly started develop feelings for each other, in between JY was attacked at her apartments and ended up living with DH and his friend at their place which was right next door.

Thanks to DH, JY had slowly return to life of fun, even gained back her old friend who runs a small Japanese restaurant with her husband

Thanks to JY, DH had discovered that there is a life after lost love and his heart opened up for a new beginning.



When things slowly started to heat up between them, JY’s Groom came back into her life as a famous Photographer with his own exhibition gallery and her pictures was the main it item. After all hesitation and explanation she has decided to go back to her old life, leaving DH with the broken heart and leaving a big part of her heart still with DH. While trying to enjoy dates withe her old fiance JY was hesitating a lot and slowly she has discovered that her feelings has been changed. Thanks God to her Smart as Digital camera fiance who has realized that he was hiding for too long and JY’s Heart is no longer walking same path with his heart, so he suddenly turn into cool man and send her off, canceling the wedding.


clap clap clap JY and DH were back together again, at last confessed their feeling for one another and started a beautiful romance.

wait ……… it is not an end as yet ….

So now we need another 2 episodes to fill in ๐Ÿ™‚ JY had passed through the special Global program that will fly her over to another country for about a year, but she will reject it because of DH, and DH will ask her to travel because he doesn’t want her to give up her dream because of him, Since JY was approved by DH’s father they had nowhere to rush and nothing else was on their love way, so they got apart for a year and then had a happy reunion. and in the end there will be a wedding :))))) ( you will be very surprised )


and He is my favorite OST of this drama