Sassy Go Go Ep 4 recap

The person from Education office had come to school to investigate the specs in the school, but they have managed to distract him and cover everything by telling him that they are making some kind of arrangements for the sports day.

The Cheerleading instrucotr had used the moment not only she had stayed but as well managed to put her own conditions, that draw the principal insane so she had decided to recruit KJS teacher to spy on her.

The instructor is reading the manga books during the club timing instead of teaching them how to be cheerleaders, guys had started to complain but she said that they need to learn more about each other.

SHJ asked KY if he is really interested in KYD, thats why he had join the cheerleading, he said since they have spend some time together he is slowly got attached to her, then SHJ asked him if he is ok with KYD getting alone with the HDJ, at the same moment the glass broke from up and the started to fall KY had covered KYD and took all the shattered pieces. He had only minor cuts on is back and KYD had small cut on her palm. After getting a treatment in the hospital, both KYD and KY had decided to skip the classes. They had kalbi that KYD had to pay for it, she asked him that usually kids like them should eat burgers or spicy rice cakes how come his taste is this luxury, he said that it suits him. Them they went to the market and participated in the dance competition were they won a rice cooker.

HDJ is in is room and fighting with his own frights, he had remembered how in childhood he had pushed a girl and she had hurt badly because of him this is the reason why he is afraid to touch people.

On the way back KYd and KY both ride the bus and KYD had nap on HY shoulders, KY did not pushed her and enjoyed a nap with her.

When they were back in the dormetity KYD remembered about the day the had spend with KY and as well and laughed loudly disturbing the rest girls in her room.

The next day HDJ had requested to join the club and instructor had agreed to take him, then she asked them if they have learned everything about each other, everyone said no so they had received a punishment. After they did some star jumping they were sitting in the class and asking each other few questions about favorite artist etc. A girls asked KY if he is dating now he said that there is a girl he wants to kiss, and KYD face got all red, HDJ told her that she need to go to the clinic because she had a fever and her face got all read.

Instructor had appointed the couples in the group, KY and KYD, HDJ and KSA

Since the education office can access the school’s CCTV principal told Teacher Im to delete all the unappropriated footage, he was going through the file and found one with the KSA just standing and looking at the gate, he kept it as it is and went to have a coffee. KYD and KY were taking to the same office and asked to right a report about them skipping the class yesterday, KYD was in he washroom and KY had seen the CCT footage that it was KSA who picked up the towel with the blood stains of SHJ. He got pissed and found KSA and cornered her and told her that if she want to stay alive she should keep quite, that she said that what if SHJ will learn about KY doing all this because of him what will he say. KY left but SHJ had heard everything and cornered KSA now and he forced her to tell everything.

SHJ is all upset about what happened and what KYD had to accept because of him he had locked himself in the roof and had tried to jump from the roof but stopped. KY was looking for SHJ and could not find him he was very worried and while looking for SHj had run over KYD but she did not see SHj too, but KYD had noticed how KY was worried.

Next morning SHJ went straight to the principal office and scream at her asking if she had to do this way if it was the only way, he had kicked the furniture in her office then KY came running and tried to stop him. SHJ run away and KY had followed him, he said why he accept it because of him it is already hard for him and he wants to die then KY told him if you want to die then die. SHJ said to KY if he will do like this again he will die for sure. SHj then entered the club room and started to creat the mess there and everyone got into a fight, Teacher wanted to stop them but instructor told him do not, she took the pictures as an evidence and then use it against them, she made them train under the rain and crawl on the mud. and let them sit all together at one table all covered in dirt and eat cup ramen. They were first eat the ramen quietly and then silents turn into a laughter.

KY told to SHj that he was scared and did not know what to do, because he thought that SHJ will do the same thing sain, so he said just to stay quite not to say anything not even breath just be like this and try to hold on.

KY father had proposed to KYD mother

The next assignment instructor gave to the club is to find her house, when all got into her house they had found a table full of food she them a message to eat with out her and they have started to eat then they took the juice from the fridge that turn out to be a grape wine, they all got drunk including KSA who was crying alone on a upper floor, this is were SHJ had found her and she was asking him why they all treat her that way only her, he said nothing just trow her a handkerchief. KY found KYD drunk siting on the terrace, he sat next to her ans she said that she is happy that KY found SHJ because she saw how he was worried. Then she put her head on the table because she felt dizzy and asked KY to do the same.  While looking at him she said that she knows what it is and move her head from the table, KY said ONE I AM GOING TO DO IT MYSELF.