Yong Pal Ep 18 Recap – The End

HYJ scream came out of her room and the housekeeper went inside to check on her. HYJ asked her where is her brother, because it is the day of the party.

KTH is happy at the clinic, one of the nursers asked him if he is so happy and he said yes, just worried about HYJ’s health.

One of the Hanshin IT guys had hacked the information, the HYJ’s CT scan and brought it to KTH clinic for consultation, with out knowing their relation. But KTH had noticed that he is from Hanshin and the guys told him that its their chairman.

KTH called to LCY and she informed her that she is on the way to see HYJ, KTH told her that that he is worried about HYJ because the way she look, and he asked to pass the message to HYJ that if she need he will go up for her.

LCY at the HYJ house and one of the maids greeted her, she wanted to drink a water from the glass she was caring, but maid had stopped her, showing the sign that it was for HYJ. Housekeeper had noticed that the issue is in the water.

LCY came to see HYJ and called her but she did not relied, LCY said that she regret for coming here because revenge was not be like this. later LCY informed KTH that HYJ has a cancer . KTH asked if LCY asked her about him going up, but LCY lied saying that HYJ is not interested to go to the hospital.

Doctor and Secretary are talking about HYJ situation and Housekeeper asked them to low their voices because other could hear, secretary said that there is no much time left. Housekeeper as well is suggesting to move HYJ to the guest house to avoid her from the eyes of others and they agreed, because today anyway there is going to be a meeting the new chairman will arrive.

HYJ is in he guest house and asking for water house keeper broke the vase and saif to her that she should not drink water, and asked her to come to her senses.

Bodyguard had spilled the information for KTH that he is actually is still working for HYJ, and only HYJ and the housekeepr knows about it. Bodyguard called to housekeeper and she with the asked him to come and collect the ring he lost at the guest house and since he is not there the guest are arriving so she is asking him to do it on his own. KTH said that she is telling him that HYj is going to be in the guesthouse and the meeting will be in the evening, and he can get inside as the stray dog entered their house.

Before going to HYJ house KTH called the police officer and invited him for a party at HYJ home.

KTH and the bodyguard arrived to HYj house and met her, she recognized her, but in the main house the party has started.

to their surprise HYJ and KTH both came down from up, and secretary ordered to get two KTH and bodyguard out. HYJ had fired secretary and ordered to throw everyone out of her house, and the police already awaiting for the guest outside.

HYJ is taken to the hospital, Doctor Lee had come to visit HYJ but she asked him to leave, however he still told her her situation, about the cancer and the time she had to live. she again asked him to leave, but Doctor Lee said that he is the only doctor can help her. She asked him if now her life in his hands, eh relied that he is just a doctor, she replied in a sarcastic way that she forgot that he is a doctor. She said that all she wanted is to have a happy life with KTH and all she gave him is a pain till the end. She ask a favor as patient asks the doctor to give her time to live, to give happiness to KTH. Doctor said as a doctor he will do his best.

Housekeeper said that she can be a donor to HYJ because she had already done the test before and she is a match.

Doctor Lee is in his office trying to find a way to save HYJ and KTH is staying by HYJ side.

KTH had been informed by Docotr Lee that she might not go through the surgery sue to previous surgery she had, and KTh said that he will do it, but Doctor told him that in other situation he would let him do it and let KTH to take responsibility for her death, but now situation is different and Doctor is as well feels responsibility. Later all the doctor had a conference, trying to find a solution and the expert who will agree to do the surgery but all the doctors had refused.

KTH asked Doctor Lee to do it, Doctor said that its not like he doesn’t want, he said that he can not because of te whole situation with HYJ. KTH said that he already saved HYJ once, Doctor replied that because of that time this time he can not save her. KTH on his knees again begged him to save her.

HYJ told to KTH that she will go with the surgery, but KTH told her that she should wait there wil be a way to make her a surgery, she said to him that it is obvious when he is lying. Then she asked him why he is not giving her the ring that he bought. He told he that once they will go back to the hill again he will give it to her. HYJ asked KTH to take her there now, he said when she will recover, but she insisted So he took her there in the ambulance car.

My favorite girl of this drama Secretary Shin has arrived to Korea and she asked the driver to take her faster.

KTH had carried HYj up to the hill, there she said that it was so easy for her to come there, and why she did not come there before. they remembered the last visit when he told her that once the couple kiss on the hill they will never be apart.

KTH finally gave the ring to HYJ and told her that if they will kiss again they will never ever get apart.

Secretary Shin had arrived to the hospital and asked Doctor Lee about HYJ surgery, she brought another Yong Pal from America, who can do the surgery to HYJ. Doctor called KTH and informed him to bring HYJ fast.

Adopted to States a new Yong Pal made a surgery to HYJ with the help of KTH and Doctor Lee.

After the surgery, HYJ is saying that the only way to get out form the night mare is to wake up, but to wake up only when her name will be called by Yong Pal.


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