i am already missing I MISS YOU

I miss you has ended with 21 episodes, my time with this drama has passed in one blink, i feel like only yesterday i was so waiting for it to begin and now it has already ended. 

From the first episode will the last one I think I have used 2 tissue boxes, to wipe away my tears and comfort running nose. This will remain as one of my favorite drama for quite sometime  and i don’t  think I will be able to wait long to re watch it again. 

This drama has stood up with the good combination of the young actor, who were excellent in portraying the characters they payed, and i must include the child actors as well. 

The plot of the drama was not easy as well not complicated, it was with out twists and without unexpected and unusual turn out, from the beginning till the end you know who is good and who is bad. I MISS YOU had am emotional twist, I was feeling the pain on Lee Se Yon and the pain and the pain of guiltiness and the past of Han Jo woo, and this is what i think was a main point of the drama, to let us all feel more then think about what will be the next step of Herry. 




Every Wednesday and Thursday i could release my week working tension by crying out and testing my emotions with I MISS YOU, well i may be as well me being too sensitive and taking everything too close to my heart, but this drama was right matching to my soul 🙂

I hope all the actor will not take long time to come back to a small screen, because i really favoring them a lot  including Yoo Seung Ho who is enlisting soon, and I will look up to him once he will return. 


Till later drama Lovers  xoxo