Yong Pal Ep 1 Quick Recap and ep 2 preview

Well Well Well, Yong Pal is in da Air Bam !!!

what was your impression? What is up to you expectation?

If Kim Tae Hee will remain as sleep till the end of the drama I am ok to go on with it, and lurk more on Joo Won πŸ˜€

So what did we learn from the 1st episode

1 Kim Tae Hyun ( KTH) is a Yong Pal who does everything to earn money in order to help his sister with her medical treatment

2 KTH is a a smart and perky resident in one of the prestigious hospital in Seoul

3 He and his partner in crime Man Sik (MS) are treating the gangsters for money, so they can avoid getting in to jail but visit the hospital.

4 Police is already aware of KTH and they are eager to catch him

5 Han Yeo Jin (HYJ) is a daughter of a cheabol, who was on a run with her lover when they got into accident and in result her boyfriend is dead and she now in a comma after trying to commit a suicide

6 Han Do Joon ( HDJ) is older brother of HYJ and he is hiding about her being in comma from the company board members in order to control the company and keep all in his hands.

7 HYJ can hear everything and waiting to get back so she can revenge

So KTH was almost caught by the police while helping Boss of the gang organization. so they have managed to escape.


in the next episode KTH will be ambushed by the doctor from the same hospital, due to evidence he had left behind.Β  The same doctor who is helping HDJ to hide the truth about HYJ and the same doctor who had used KTH for his failed surgery.

And we can see as well that HYJ is going to come out of the coma.

The First OST of this drama i am guessing is by The One, he isΒ  know for OST for the drams THAT WHITER THE WIND BLOWS, HOTEL KING AND AND GU FAMILY BOOK